Grant Michael Leingang of BLVCK DIVMOND, LLC., officially announces that they will continue development with LEOMICCI…

grant leingang

For the past 3 months Jonathan Oe Apparel & BLVCK DIVMOND have worked side by side to create the new Mens & Womens luxury brand, LEOMICCI. From the beginning of this project – to now, the 2 companies have done nothing but strive to create the next generation of compression wear for the United States. Over the course of the First Quarter, 3 months, LEOMICCI has jumped from 1.0 to a ravishing new 2.0.

“Last week Mr. Oe contacted me about this, I thought it would be a beneficial idea for us both to continue development on his brand. BLVCK DIVMOND’s soul was poured into the design & development plan. Personally, I am extremely excited to continue such an honorable endeavor.” – Said, Mr. Leingang

grant leingang

After months of development, the entire brand has reached a whole new level. The two CEO’s are excited to see what will evolve in the following months. BLVCK DIVMONDs plan is very new, fresh and innovative – as to adapt to LEOMICCI’s market. The brands are excited to reach December, as according to plan – LEOMICCI will be thriving even more.


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